Space Bag Hanger

Space Bag Hanger

Model No.︰B-261

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Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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Specifications︰ Model:Space Bag Hanger
Product Description:
Space bag set off a good helper
This product is very easy to use
whether inside or outside.
Agricultural grains and cereals category, generally granular materials, powder materials,
Cargo handling can be a one simple job by using this item.

Advantages︰ Features:
Simple structure, easy operation and does not charge storage space.
Space package can be fully forward.
the bag hook has flexible design, so when the bag is too short,
the hook hanging weight will naturally question,
so there is no need to be worried about the over-weighted.
The space bag hanger can be easily adjusted to fit the hight of the bag.
The bag will be released when pressing the both handles inside.

Note: This product can be used with the screw conveyor.

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